NVT Tools

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NVT Trial Results

Following harvest of the trials the process to produce the NVT results begins. The results aim to assist Australian grain growers in varietal decision making by providing the latest independent information on yield, quality and disease ratings.

Trial results

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Long Term Yield Reporter

Instantly search thousands of MET yield & grain quality results for all NVT crop types. The Long Term Yield Reporter is fully customisable and can produce detailed summaries for variety performance at multiple locations.

Long Term Yield Reporter

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NVT Disease Ratings

We have standardised national disease resistance ratings for all crops in Australia. The tool can be broken down by crop, location and resistances/tolerances. There are disease rating definitions for each crop which will help interpret the trial results.

NVT Disease Ratings

Other useful tools

We recommend you view some other useful tools that correlate with our NVT tools.

Online Farm Trial Explorer

OFT hosts past and present research trials undertaken and contributed by a range of grower and farming systems groups, government researchers, universities and private industry throughout Australia.

OFT Trial Explorer