Access to NVT resources

The NVT program is the largest independent co-ordinated trial network in the world, and the resources generated within the program are of significant value to Australian grain growers.

Enabling third party researchers’ access to NVT resources will further help GRDC deliver on its purpose of investing in Research, Development and Extension (RD&E) to create enduring profitability for Australian grain growers.

NVT resources include the:

  • NVT dataset
  • access to NVT trial sites for research purposes
  • NVT post-harvest grain samples.

The benefits of enabling third party access to NVT resources include:

  • improving the return on investment in NVT through increased data utilisation; value-adding research, development, and commercial activities;
  • improving outcomes of non-NVT/GRDC investments by leveraging NVT datasets;
  • protecting the credibility, independence, and accuracy of NVT data and trial results;
  • protecting the confidentiality of unreleased and/or restricted NVT Intellectual Property (IP);
  • protecting the integrity of physical NVT trials.

More information can be found in the:

For post-harvest grain sample requests, please fill out the NVT post-harvest grain sample template (Excel). Submit the Excel file along with the request form.

If approved, researchers will be required to sign an NVT Resource Sharing Licence Agreement (PDF).

Request forms can be emailed to