The National Variety Trials (NVT) program was established in 2005 by Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) and the program is solely managed and funded by GRDC.

Our (NVT) program aims to assist Australian grain growers in varietal decision making by providing comparative information of commercially available grain varieties, including:

  • yield performance
  • disease resistance ratings
  • grain quality.

We strive to generate credible information for growers and advisors about newly released and often superior varieties to assist in varietal decision making by being:

  • accurate
  • consistent
  • independent
  • timely.

This assists grain growers in accelerating the adoption of new superior varieties.


The NVT program is the largest independent co-ordinated trial network in the world. Each year, we have more than 650 trials, sown at over 300 locations for 10 crop species.

We test potential new varieties for the following crops:

  • barley
  • canola
  • chickpea
  • faba bean
  • field pea
  • lentil
  • lupin
  • oat
  • sorghum
  • wheat

We include commercially relevant varieties available to Australian grain growers, as well as the most advanced lines from plant breeding programs and seed companies.


Our trials are managed in accordance with our NVT Protocols, to ensure there are no limiting factors and conclude accurate comparisons between varieties.

Our team is responsible for the program via:

  • administration
  • governance
  • operation
  • strategy and direction.

Our trials are managed by contracted providers who sow, maintain and harvest the trials in accordance with the NVT Protocols.

The data collected from the trials undergoes rigorous quality assurance tests before publication. As part of this process the data is analysed by statisticians. The world leading statistical analysis results are then displayed on our website.

Pathologists also have a hand in quantifying the disease ratings information.